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Life's about learing from the best
- a sort of legacy - 

I have worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. Here's what I've learned:


Through my two decades of working with LEGO, I have learned to take a playful approach to everything I do, never be afraid to ask why or wonder, always strive for excellence in both idea and execution - and to have fun in the process.


In my collaboration with a diverse group of professionals, ranging from art directors and artists to game designers and programmers, I have learned the importance of staying curious to the creative process and listen closely every step of the way.


Through my participation in the Cannes Creative Leadership Educational Program with some of the world's best creative talent, I have learned the importance of creating a work culture that values trust, openness, mutual respect, and kindness.


From the countless concepts, marketing campaigns, product ideas, and brand activities I have helped foster for all types of clients - spanning everything from a handful of employees to some of the world's leading brands — I have learned that the most satisfying outcome of any project is a happy client.


As a part-time game designer and independent board game producer, I have learned the importance of sharing and testing a mediocre idea before it's good,

of failing fast, and iterating through rigorous design and playtesting.


From my time living abroad in South Africa, Australia, and the US, I have learned to work, interact, and socialize impartially with people of all cultures, social levels, and lifestyles.


Having spent nearly four years working as a part-time volunteer in Namibia's largest township, Katutura, I have learned that the best things in life often come to you when you give of yourself without expecting anything in return.


As a husband and father to two sons, I have learned the importance
of balancing all of the above.


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